Lighting the way

Lighting the way

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“My confidence has greatly improved and I’m up for the challenge.
Leaders/ tutors were very caring and supportive, making me feel welcome."

"My year at Northern Lights was intense, interesting and challenging. Finalising this year is one of the achievements I feel most proud about."

Jorge Berenguer - Secondary MFL Trainee

"As an NLTSA trainee I was part of a vast support system, including my fellow trainees, which without a doubt has proved invaluable during my PGCE and my progression towards being an NQT. “

“Northern Lights were quick and responsive in offering me the position. They are a highly respectful, ‘reflective’ organisation.”

Mohammed Al-Baroodi, Secondary History Trainee

“My best memory was when a little boy turned to the person next to him on the carpet (when everyone was supposed to be silent) and asked in a very broad Yorkshire accent, ‘Do you know what discombobulated means?’ ” 

“It has been an excellent experience. It has gone so quick! It has been challenging, stressful and tiring but it was worth it!."

Lucien Cockcroft, Secondary History Trainee

“Teaching inspires the youth of today to be the adults of tomorrow.  Northern Lights SCITT taught me to be a respected, qualified teacher and changed my life.  I have made lifelong friends and thoroughly enjoyed my year with them.”  

Funniest Moment

When telling a Y10 class about an imminent Ofsted visit and one particularly difficult girl asked if she should misbehave so I could ‘deal with it.’

Laura Maslin, Secondary English Trainee

Most Rewarding Moment

Teaching a difficult subject topic which children struggled with, for them to understand it at the end

Ciaran Gannon, Primary Trainee

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