Lighting the way

Lighting the way

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Our vision

Northern Lights SCITT will develop thinking, reflective, and brave teachers who will place the welfare and progress of their students at the centre of their practice.     

The Northern Lights' ethos of reflective and collaborative professional development will seek to support our newly qualified teachers as they build their careers and move into leadership roles.

Our subjects


Former trainees, now employed in local schools, "speak about experiencing 'something special'". (Ofsted, 2017)

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"Training opportunities and pastoral support are highly personalised to meet individual trainees' needs." (Ofsted, 2017)

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"NQTs reported receiving outstanding support from the SCITT during their training." (Ofsted, 2017)

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"Trainees develop strong subject and curriculum knowledge, which enables them to engage pupils." (Ofsted, 2017)

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"Training is well organised, with activities carefully planned to ensure all the teachers' standards are covered." (Ofsted, 2017)

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"Trainees receive effective training in behaviour management and have the opportunity to practise their learning in two complementary placements" (Ofsted, 2017)

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Our schools

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