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Mentors and Subject Leads

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Mentors and Subject Leads

Our Subject Leads

Liz Woolley Science
Skipton Girls' High School
Fiona Rhodes Humanities
Harrogate High School
Maria Hlabangana MFL
Belle Vue Girls' Academy
Charlotte Dickinson Maths/Computing
Titus Salt School
Naveeda Khan English
Feversham Academy

What they say...

“During your school placements you will spend one day a week with your Subject Lead and other Maths trainees - a valuable part of the extensive support network offered to you by Northern Lights.

You will share experiences and stories with other Maths trainees and discuss problems that may only occur to a Maths teacher (of which there are many). You will also be able to bend my ear and lean on my 10+ years’ experience of teaching Maths to help you with your week to week planning. There won’t be many issues you raise that I haven’t seen before!

You will receive a Maths specific programme of study which I will deliver at Titus Salt School and this will aid you during your school placements. I will visit you in your school placements and be a friendly face throughout your PGCE year.”

Maths Subject Lead

“It has been my privilege. since September, to be working with the new primary trainees as they begin their journey as teachers. Their enthusiasm, energy and excitement has been infectious!

The start of term has been jammed full of professional theory, ‘hands-on tasks’ and subject development.  Last week at the start of their school experiences, I asked the trainees if they’d felt prepared for this next stage of their development. As Laura told me, ‘any more and my brain would have exploded, any less and I wouldn’t have felt ready’. ... 

I’d say they’re ready!”

Primary Lead Tutor

“It is incredibly rewarding to be able to introduce trainees to key issues in secondary Science education and subsequently see their understanding and awareness of these issues translate into their practice. I am really proud to say that the Biology trainee I’m currently working with has recently secured his first teaching post in a local school that we feel will be really suited to his own strengths and teaching style; the hands-on experience he is receiving through the SCITT will undoubtedly provide solid foundations upon which he can build in his NQT year.”

Science Subject Lead

What trainees say...

“The Mentor encouraged experimenting on good practices and strengthened the positive while not neglecting the negative aspects. He empathised a lot with understanding how to escalate the work load and built a safe environment for me as a trainee to learn from him and his comments.”
 “My Subject Lead has been fantastic and we have covered a huge range of topics, looking at things from a different angle that I would never have thought of myself, giving me lots of ideas to put into practice.”
 “I could have not been happier with my mentor. She has been helpful, supporting and caring. Her feedback has been essential to my progress. From the very beginning I felt that I was making progress because she would give me feedback after a lesson that I could immediately apply to my lessons on the next day. “
“Having the opportunity to meet with the Subject Lead and all the MFL trainees generated some interesting discussions: we got to exchange ideas for activities and to discuss different approaches to teaching languages. Because all the MFL trainees were from other countries, we got exposed to different teaching styles too.”



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